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Job Ingredients is a full-service Job Search Training Resource Center and the home of the Job Seeker Certification (JSC) Program.  The mission of Job Ingredients is to give job seekers the tools, resources, self awareness and motivation to acquire the job they want, while at the same time educating employers on the importance of hiring someone who has taken steps to ensue their job success.  It was in this vein that the JSC Program was created. 

The JSC Program is a five (5) week course designed to teach job seekers everything they need to know to carve out an effective job search and get them to the top of the resume pile.  The JSC Program accounts for the pitfalls job seekers face in the current jobs marketplace, and how emerging technologies have oftentimes hindered, not helped, the job search process.  Classes are differentiated based on experience level, and are applicable to both employed and unemployed job seekers. 

At the end of the program, students will be able to designate completion of the JSC Program on any written correspondence, similar to that of a MBA and PhD.  It has been proven time and time again, companies look at someone who has been proactive in their career success as someone who will be proactive at work.  Akin to the hiring successes brought on by the designation of a Six Sigma Certification, as awareness and demand for the JSC increases, so will the interview and hiring odds for those who hold them! 

Employers Can Take Advantage Too!

Customizable training packages are available to employers looking to revamp their hiring practices or increase employee engagement.  

Employers looking to provide job support services to transitioning personnel can take advantage of specialized JSC classes designed as an effective alternative to outplacement.

Look for the JSC Program at a Learning Institute Near You!

That's right, as the demand for the JSC designation is increasing, so is the interest among colleges, universities and other learning institutes!  Keep checking back for partnership updates!

Timing is Everything! 

It is estimated that every year 40 million people change jobs.  According to Gallup, nearly 70% of the average working population are unengaged (or actively disengaged) at their jobs, meaning just 1 in 3 employees is truly committed to the success of the company. This lack of engagement has a tremendous impact on the US economy, costing American businesses between $292 and $355 billion annually in lost productivity! 

Job Ingredients' Services Currently Available: 

  • JSC Class for Entry to Mid Level Job Seekers!
  • JSC Class for Senior to Executive Level Job Seekers!
  • Custom Training Packages for Employers!
  • Alternative to Outplacement for Employers!


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